Interview: Newport Beach Mayor Rush Hill looks back on the Start of the NBFF

by Natasha Martinez

NM: Another Year Another Festival, how does it feel to have seen it grow this much?

RH: It’s incredible. If you look back to 15 years ago, when there were four or five putting this thing together and now there are hundreds of volunteers working on it.  International recognition, great artists, bringing their fabulous wears here to town, to show not only the Newport Beach residents but also people from all over the world. So it’s really exciting.

NM: You guys are kicking L.A.’s butt right now, you guys have tons of premieres going on, how does it feel to have it here in Newport?

RH: Well we enjoy doing that; I mean it’s great! We know how to host events, and we’ve put on some great signature events on a year round basis and so this really fits into our mode of operation if you will. The crew here just does a first class job on it and I think that’s witnessed by the crowds here and all the activities. It’s a great opportunity for the city to show itself.  I’m willing to bet that a lot of people who are coming into town are going to say they are willing to come back.

NM: What are some screenings that you are looking forward to?

RH: Since we have a daughter who is a chef we’re anxious to see the movie Chef on closing night.

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