Interview: Former Dexter star C.S. Lee attends the screening of his new psychological thriller the Red Robin.

by Natasha Martinez

NM: Kind of the broad strokes, what is the Red Robin about?

CL: It’s basically a psychological family thriller; it’s sort of like an onion, the layers kind of peel away as the film progresses. Some bad things happened with the family when the kids were younger and you find out exactly what happens by the end of the film.

NM: What was your role in this movie?

CL: I played Harry one of the adopted kids. There were three other kids in the story who were adopted and Joe Taylor who plays the only biological child. We’re all playing brothers and sisters all growing up and we all sort of come back to the house and our father is not well and is on his deathbed, that’s where the film starts.

NM: Did you feel a brotherly and sisterly bond with the cast after this?

CL: Oh yeah absolutely. We had a great cast. The cast was amazing and we definitely bonded straight away and that makes filmmaking a lot easier and a lot more fun.

NM: Now you are famous for a little laugh on the show Dexter, did you kind of sneak that in while filming this movie?

CL: I did not! I didn’t sneak in a laugh from Dexter. I think that laugh retired with the show back in October when we wrapped up.

NM: Now you said this isn’t your first time at the Newport Beach Film Festival, how has it changed since you first came?

CL:  It’s running great; things are well put together and organized. I’d love to see some films, they always seem to attract some really interesting films, and you know how can you beat the O.C. it’s beautiful out here. 

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