Celebrity Sightings

by Natasha Martinez

Ever wonder where to go to mingle with the stars? Chances are you’ll find them at the top Los Angeles nightclubs of 2014. Here’s a list of the top 5 best nightclubs right now.

#1: Lure Nightclub

Turn your thirsty Thursdays into “Luresdays” as this big venue dance club celebrates its hottest night on Thursday. With a Las Vegas Club atmosphere, you can expect some of the best EDM DJ’s in Los Angeles and expect to see the likes of Beverly hills housewives at several of the reserved tables.

#2 1Oak Nightclub Los Angeles

1Oak opened this past fall and in the winter it set its hip-hop tone with a Grammy after party hosted by Jay-Z. (Only in Hollywood) The celebrity filled club started in NYC and then expanded to Las Vegas shortly after. Now 1oak is destined for stardom in the middle of Hollywood with stars like Leonardo DiCaprio choosing to celebrate there.

#3 Hooray Henry’s

Cheerio Poppet! The queen of England lent some of her palace guards to party with Hollywood’s elite in Beverly Hills. Known for being a small exclusive venue, this club comes from the same owners who started Bootsy Bellows.

#4 Supperclub

Another big venue club, Supperclub has proved to make a lasting impression as a dance club in LA. Located in the heart of Hollywood, Supperclub is known for its all white décor and acrobatic girls hanging from the ceiling pouring bottles. Tables at this venue are actually beds, which may cause the dancing girls with their hills to fall over and spill a few drinks… the L.A. way of breaking the ice.

#5 OHM

Another EDM nightclub, OHM took over what used to be Highlands. Much like Lure, OHM’s most popular night is Wednesday. 

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