How to Survive Reverse Culture Shock

by Carmen Borrison

Reverse culture shock is when a student, after studying abroad in a foreign country for a long period of time, returns home and is immediately depressed about being back home, and has to get used to United States customs and regular college life again. It is arguably the hardest part about studying abroad, but with these steps, you can beat it!

1.     Tell everyone you know about your experiences abroad, (keep the memory alive!)

2.     Sort through your thousands of pictures taken abroad and upload them on Facebook, so that you can justifiably keep talking about your experience a little bit longer

3.     Go out to dinner and get your favorite American food that you’ve missed wile abroad

4.     Catch up on all of the TV shows and American movies you’ve missed while abroad

5.     Text, email, and go on every form of social media you can all at once to appreciate the Wi-Fi you didn’t have abroad.

6.     TALK TO PEOPLE. If you were in a non-English speaking country, you probably haven’t made human contact in a while.

7.     Reconnect with the friends and family you’ve missed back at home

8.     Accept that you are probably going to have more schoolwork to do now that you’re back (and you should probably get on that…)

9.     Throw a few tantrums and cry because you miss (insert country here.)

10.  Relax, and try to get back into your normal Chapman routine. In time you’ll learn to love America again.


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