Youtubers at Chapman

Anthony Liechti and Ivan Lovera run a gaming channel on YouTube called Swedegentina Gaming. The name, a tribute to the two’s heritage (respectively)… They release five videos a week, a combination of playthroughs of innocent role playing games (RPGs), horror games, and episodes of “Ivan Reacts” in which Lovera’s face is filmed while watching different viral videos.

Orly Shapiro runs her channel under the name Orly Alexandra, releasing videos twice every week, covering topics from different beauty tips to life advice and vlogs, showcasing what’s happened in her life recently.

Lindsey Rempalski, or simply known as Lindsey Rem on her YouTube channel, releases videos every weekend, a combination of beauty, advice, fashion ideas and even music recommendations.

Ross Brown teaches TWP 313 and 413, “Byte-Sized Television” here at Chapman, a class that focues on how to create a successful short web series.

Frank Chindamo teaches TWP 374, the first part of the “Art and Business of Web Video” and TWP 474, the newly added second half of the class at Chapman University. This year the class will be offered not only during the regular school year but also during the summer term.

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