Profitable social media sites

Frank Chindamo wasn’t kidding when he said there was money to be made on YouTube. The most subscribed to channel on the site is run by an online gamer, Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as Pewdiepie. Kjellberg makes approximately $1.4 million USD per month, and that’s not including any outside sponsorship deals made.

YouTubers make their money based off of the ads played before the videos you watch – for every extra second watched of an ad that you wouldn’t otherwise watch is a second they get paid for.

But YouTube is only one such social media – other sites such as Instagram, Vine, and even Snapchat are also becoming genuine career paths. The more of a following someone has, the more fame they garner from that attention, and that fame can quickly turn into profit.

Those that make a profit on sites like Instagram are usually sent products from companies and then paid to take and post a picture with the product – whether it’s an item or clothing, a swimsuit, a make-up brand, more and more often companies are cluing into the fact that the younger generation is more likely to be browsing any number of social media than watching television commercials.

So hey, why not give it a shot, maybe you’ll be the next “Insta-Star” or popular YouTuber, the only way you’ll find out is if you try.

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