Tutor’s Tips: Little Known Study Spots at Chapman

by Haylee Barber

  1. Interfaith Center Meditation Room- Most kids at Chapman have no idea that one of the prettiest buildings on campus, the Interfaith Center, includes its very own spot for meditation. This spot can also easily double as a study get away when the library gets full during finals week.

  2. Beckman 4th Floor Rooftop- Whether you are looking for a quiet place to study or one of the best views at Chapman, the fourth floor porch is the perfect place to get away for a while. Complete with tables and chairs, the spot is a nice way to enjoy the sunshine and escape from the bustling campus.

  3. Chapman’s Fowler School of Law Library- Perhaps it’s because law student’s brains are probably a little bigger than the average student, but in the Law library everything is a bit bigger and better. The tables are massive and are the perfect place to spread out for a good Sunday afternoon full of studying. Be warned, however, that this is a quiet zone, no talking allowed!

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