Trending Healthy Foods

Story by Ronnie Kaufman

Healthy ingredients are becoming increasingly trendy at all restaurants, but these restaurants feature ingredients in unique ways. Here are five popular ingredients right now, and some dishes at three Orange County restaurants that feature them.


  • Crispy tofu salad at Green Tomato Grill
  • Jicama, red onion, pomelo, and scallion salad with thai peanut vinaigrette at Lemonade


  • The Refresher juice at Acai Joint
  • Kale, mushroom, and kumquat salad at Lemonade


  • Blackened Calamari Burrito at Green Tomato Grill
  • Avocado Salmon Louie at Lemonade


  • Vietnamese poached chicken with apple, cabbage, and mung beans at Lemonade
  • Mediterranean Veggie Melt at Green Tomato Grill


  • Energy Juice at Acai Joint
  • Roasted beets, melon, frisee, and pistachio salad at Lemonade
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