Money Savers for Road Trips

Story by Maddie Russo

I know, most of us are just broke college students, how are we going to ever afford a trip as elaborate sounding as this? Well believe it or not, this is a trip that you might not have to spend too much time saving up for.

Here are some quick tips to save a few bucks:

  • Camp! You will find places anywhere to camp. Especially in Big Sur, but make sure to call ahead and reserve your spot so you all don’t end up sleeping in the car.
  • Fill up the seats in your car and divide the gas money equally. Also, take the most fuel efficient car of the group!
  • Bring your own food! For days like Big Sur where you are more in the wilderness, go full on Bear Grylls and cook your own food. Save your money for the days in San Fran.
  • Combine days in places near each other such as Monterey and Carmel

Other than food, gas, and stay, you shouldn’t be spending that much money. Save up for some great food, gas and maybe a little shopping and you are as golden as the coast.

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