The Progression of the Geek on TV

Story by Caitlin Manocchio

Today’s number #1 show, The Big Bang Theory, centers on a group of scientific nerds. Who would have ever thought that a show about geeks would become the most popular show in America? The ways in which geeks have been perceived has changed greatly within the recent years.

Steve Urkel-Family Matters

The loveable neighbor next door who wore suspenders and glasses, not mention had the voice of a cartoon character. He was funny and provided comic relief, but was never really respected or seen as cool by his neighbors, the Winslow’s.

Sam, Neal, & Bill-Freaks & Geeks

They were a band of three musketeers’ freshmen geeks who had each other’s backs. Unlike, Urkel these three characters struggled to accept their role as geeks in high school throughout the first and only season. Sam was the sweet kind loveable nerd who aspired to be popular, Neal was the confident and funny geek in denial, and Bill was the epitome of the visual high school geek who wasn’t afraid to admit he liked science fiction and Dungeons and Dragons.

Lisa Simpson-The Simpsons

Lisa is a highly intelligent and moral character who holds the Simpson family together. Unlike, other geeky characters, she doesn’t care what anyone else thinks and has a high level of self-esteem.


Abed is the heart that holds his study group together. He is lovable and extremely observant and is often times misunderstood because of his Asperger’s syndrome. He is highly imaginative and provides witty remarks with the world’s most beloved pop cultural references.

Jess-New Girl

She’s not afraid to be awkward and often embraces uncomfortable situations by doing something totally adorable. In other words she’s adorkable and definitely the best-dressed geek on TV. She’s an awesome role model for geeky girls to embrace.

Leonard, Sheldon, Howard, Raj- The Big Bang Theory

They are the kings of all that is geeky with their halo nights, Doctor Who marathons, and comic book store adventures. These guys rule and all bring an awesome element to their nerdy friend group. Leonard’s the straight man, Sheldon’s the obnoxiously loveable genius, Howard’s the comedian of the group often failing at his attempts to be a ladies man, and Raj is a endearing metrosexual geek who has selective mutism around women during the first 6 seasons.

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