The College Bucket List

Story by Lilly Pandis

Worried that you’ve missed opportunities?

Want to make these last few years count?

Here are 8 things college students have agreed will make your college experience much more memorable:

Study Abroad
If you get the opportunity to go abroad, take it. Most students who have studied in another country say studying abroad was the best part of their college years. The experiences and friendships you make in another country will stay with you forever. So why not take the chance?

Join a club with students you might not know as well
College tends to get very cliquey. So how about stepping out of your comfort zone and joining that club on campus you’ve always thought was interesting. You never know whom you might meet and where those new connections might take you.

Try out for that team or audition for that part that you’ve wanted to for so long
Many students miss opportunities in college because they think they’re not good enough, not talented enough, or not brave enough. Take a chance and try out for that sports team you dream of being a part of or audition for that theatre role you’ve been thinking about forever.

Go on a road trip
Pack some snacks, find some friends and leave town. Road trips are a great way to create some unforgettable memories in college. It’s also one of the best getaway trips after a stressful week at school. I’m sure you won’t regret it.

Take a random class
If you find the time within your busy college schedule, register for a class that has nothing to do with your area of study. It’s those unplanned decisions in life that will bring the best memories. You might even learn something new and make new friends. This is especially helpful if you’re still unclear about your major.

Get a part-time job or internship
This is another great way to meet people that you wouldn’t normally hang out with. Find a job that interests you and apply for it. Or apply for an internship that sounds interesting. Both of these are great experiences and will also help build your future resume.

 Run a 5K, 10K, half-marathon or even a marathon
You’re only young once, so why not use your energy for something fun and healthy. Get your friends to sign up with you and see how well you do. You might surprise yourself or find even find a hidden passion for running!

Start a blog or journal
They say college is the best four years of your life. So why not start recording all your wild adventures in a blog or a journal? This is what you will look back at years from now when your kids are asking you about your college experience. Enjoy the journey and record the memories!

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