Technology Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Story by Morgan Yuvienco

Video Chatting (FaceTime, Skype, ooVoo): With technology, couples in long distance relationships have the luxury of seeing each other’s faces through video chatting. It’s one of the best ways to stay connected, and keeps the communication aspect of the relationship stable. This is one of the best ways to create intimacy, because it’s the closest to being physically with each other.

Text Messaging: It’s so important to text each other! A study in USA Today found that texting each other constantly, even just about what you’re eating for lunch or what your boss said to you, keeps the relationship more lively, as the couple feels more involved in each other’s lives. Apps like LINE and Facebook Messenger rely on only Wi-Fi if phone bills are too expensive internationally, and even feature cute stickers and photo/video sharing abilities.

Snapchat: If you’re too busy to FaceTime but you miss seeing each other, Snapchat is definitely the way to go. You get to see glimpses of your significant other’s life through interesting photos, and stuff you send on Snapchat doesn’t have to clog your phone’s camera roll.

KAYAK: Traveling can be tricky. KAYAK is a travel app that helps you compare prices of plane tickets, train tickets, hotels, and more. This is perfect for if you are planning a trip to your partner – it helps the naïve traveler find the best deals that websites usually try to hide.

Dating Apps (Avocado, Couple): Dating apps like Avocado and Couple are just like Facebook news feeds, but the only people posting are you and your partner. They both feature messaging, stickers, photo/video sharing, and drawing. With Couple, you can “Thumbkiss” – when you enter this mode, holding your screen at the exact same spot as your partner is will emit vibrating that is meant to be a virtual kiss. With Avocado, you can send kisses and hugs. It’s all very cute and cheesy, and definitely caters to the long distance couple.

Phone: Phone calls are always sweet to have with your partner. It’s another, more traditional means of conversation and connects you to your partner from miles away. Phone calls are a good in between among texting and video chatting. It’s a great way to update each other and still feel intimate by hearing each others’ voices.

Mail: Snail mail is a very sincere, unique form of communication. Since this could be a more foreign mode of communication for you and your partner, it could also take on much more meaning because of the extra effort that’s behind it. It’s also cute to send each other care packages during holidays. It shows how much thought you put into them and is also a very caring form of communication. 

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