Pinterest Inspired the Outfit of the Day



By Siya Rajan


Lauren Hutton once said, “Fashion is what you’re offered four times a year by designers. And style is what you choose.”


She described Pinterest perfectly before it even existed.


Garcelle Vierra, a junior television and broadcast journalism major, opens up her laptop and clicks on the Pinterest tab multiple times a day.


“I wouldn't say it's my inspiration, but if I'm stuck or I need some new outfit ideas, I'll go on a few of my boards," said Vierra. "I don't necessarily look for similar clothes but it's really helpful when I go to pick out an outfit or go shopping to see some staple pieces that I could wear a lot."


Pinterest is a website where you can create different inspiration boards according to any interest you have, and then explore the website to find ‘pins’ for your boards. You can even ‘pin’ from other external websites to your boards.


Vierra has found Pinterest a useful tool when it comes to her closet.


“I have noticed a lot of times that I have things in my closet that I would have never thought to pair together if I hadn't seen something similar on Pinterest,” said Vierra.


Fashion is not the sole factor on Pinterest – there are ‘pins’ ranging from animals, to food, to different countries – however it is one of the most coveted interests among female Chapman students.


Ayah Khader, a sophomore biochemistry major, loves to explore Pinterest boards during her free time. She calls herself a regular visitor of the website and could spend a lot of time browsing through multiple boards.


“I love fashion and I always turn to the fashion, style and hair boards for inspiration,” said Khader.“I think people just pin stylists and artists whom we are inspired by for their fashion and art. Hence, Pinterest is my inspiration.”


Students like Khader have found this website addicting and by the time they know it, they have over a thousand ‘pins’ on their boards.


After spending hours on Pinterest finding the right ‘pins’ Khader has also has noticed that she puts her outfits together according to the ‘pins’ she sees.


“I usually ‘pin’ outfits that I get obsessed with and I like to try and dress exactly like what I see on Pinterest. I have noticed that sometimes I even receive compliments when I wear Pinterest inspired outfits,” said Khader.


Carly Danner, a senior television and broadcast journalism major, visits Pinterest once every two days, to update her ‘pinning’.


“I use it the most for fashion ideas. I like to look up street style and also to look up food ideas. I use Pinterest for a a lot of inspiration starting with my room and also with fashion,” said Danner “I like to emulate ideas from Pinterest and try to use the clothes I have in my closet, not completely changing my style, but just use the ‘pins’ as an outline.”


Danner thinks that Pinterest has allowed students on campus to explore different styles and try new things with their looks.


“Chapman has its own Southern California style, kind of like Brandy Melville style, and Pinterest has allowed people to branch out of that and be more stylish on campus,” said Danner. “Students have started to express themselves more and go out of the typical Chapman style and dress like someone in New York for example. And I think Pinterest influences that.”

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