Five Places to Escape Chapman During Finals Week



By Natalie Haber


(An editorial review)


It’s Monday afternoon of finals week, and you’ve just taken an accounting final that you’ve been dreading for weeks now.  The thought of studying for another final is too much to bear, so what is there to do?  Watching Netflix gets old, getting a bite at Albertacos just doesn’t sound pleasing.  


Here are five great study break places located close to Chapman to help students get through the week.


1) The Shake Shack, located on Highway 1 in Newport Coast.  


“Nothing gets my batteries recharged like sitting on the beach drinking a delicious custom milkshake,” said Luke Sanborn, a senior biology major.  


Technically a part of the Ruby’s Diner chain, the small stand offers food such as burgers, chili, and breakfast foods.  Besides food, they have multiple options for milkshakes and malts.  After a hard final, it can be very relaxing sitting on the beach watching the sunset. The Shake Shack is located at 7703 East Coast Hwy, Newport Coast, CA, 92657


2) If you are in total need of relaxation, the Cinepolis Luxury Movie Theatres located in Laguna Niguel offer a completely different type of movie viewing experience.  Each seat is a leather chair that reclines with a counter to set food upon.  The movie theater has a full bar, and a kitchen.  One can even order food while in the movie and have it delivered to where you are sitting. Michelle de Dubovay, a junior business major, always orders the truffle french fries every time she sees a movie there.  The price of a ticket is 15 dollars, just about three dollars more than the average theater located near Chapman.


“The food there is to die for, and I feel like I am sitting in my own private movie theatre when I go,” said Dubovay.


The movie theatre is located at 32401 Golden Lantern St. Laguna Niguel, CA, 92677. Tickets are about 15 dollars.


Natalie 2



3) Not too far from the Shake Shack is Little Corona Del Mar State Beach.  This beach is special in that it is covered in tide pools, with lots of great sea creatures living in them.  Starfish as big as watermelons can be seen scattered all over, as well as mussels, fish, and many more animals.  Parking is free for the beach, and visiting the pools early in the morning is usually the best time to see animals.  


“The tide pools for me are a constant learning experience.  Almost every time I go, I see a creature I have never seen before, said senior communications major Miranda Wall. “Even if I visit the same pool everyday, it changes substantially as they are full of life.”


This beach is located at 215 Poppy Ave. Newport Beach, CA 92625.


4) If you feel like traveling a little further away from campus to really escape, the Hollywood sign hike is a great way to get some exercise and visit an iconic place.  While it is best to go on a clear day so you can see the downtown skyline, the hike is fairly easy and completely worth it.  From the parking lot it is about a two-mile hike along the Hollyridge Trail system.  Parking can be a little difficult at times, but parking at 3204 Canyon Lake Dr. Hollywood CA, 90068 is the best option for parking. Make sure to bring water and a camera.


5) Finally a destination that will take a whole day, but 100 percent worth it.  Say you have a final on Monday, and then not one until Friday.  After all the studying is done, Mountain High is a great place to visit.  Located only 70 miles from campus, this ski resort is nestled in the mountains.  If you are not into skiing or snowboarding, the area also has great sledding.  Visiting Mountain High is also a great way to escape this warm weather, as temperatures there are usually in the low 40’s to 20’s.  Taylor Scherer, a junior screenwriting major loves how convenient the resort is.

“If I want to ski for just a day, it’s literally right there,” said Scherer.

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