Nightmares from the Dorms

Story by Jackie Cohen

“My roommate left a box of sushi in the middle of the room for a full day. The smell got so bad that I got comments about the weird smell coming out of my room from my neighbors.”

“I had a roommate freshman year who asked me during our roommate meeting with the RA on the second day of the semester—after we had been living together during O Week— if I would consider moving out because I snored really loudly and she could never sleep. She also said that our other roommate had a problem with it too, and the other girl never said anything to me, so I think the first one was just making that up.”

“Once I came home to my room and my roommate was taking out his stitches with my nail clippers.”

“My upstairs neighbors have random urges to play basketball in their dorm room after midnight. Weirdly enough this is a recurring thing.”

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