How to Be a Better Roommate

Story by Jackie Cohen

  1. Respect your roommate’s sleeping habits. If they are asleep, don’t be loud, don’t play loud music, don’t talk to other people or on the phone, etc.
  2. Have open communication. If you have a problem with something that your roommate does, talk to them.
  3. Listen to what your roommate has to say. They might not be the best roommates, but you might be doing something that bothers them too.
  4. Don’t let issues and anger pile up. If there is a problem, talk about it before it gets bigger.
  5. Be considerate. Respect that your roommate has homework and tests and don’t have loud friends over while they study or sexile them often.
  6. You don’t have to be best friends with your roommate. As long as you and your roommate respect each other, your living situation will be good.
  7. Don’t take your roommate’s things without asking. It isn’t too hard to text them or ask them in person before using their things.
  8. Keep your side clean and organized. At home you might have your own room, but at college you are sharing the space and should try to be organized or at least keep your mess out of your roommate’s area.
  9. Remember that people come come from different backgrounds. Share your differences in a positive way and  acknowledge that your different upbringings may be the reason that your living habits are so different.
  10. Surprise your roommate. Leave your roommate a nice note or a treat when you know they are having a rough time. They will definitely appreciate it.
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