Men or Women: Who’s Harder to Shop For?

Story by Mark Carlisle

Women certainly have a tough time finding gifts for men as well. But who has it tougher?

Carter Tomsu:

“I think men have it easier to find a gift. You can go get any piece of jewelry, and usually the girl will love it. But from a financial view women usually have it easier because what they get is harder to find but less expensive. So overall I think guys have it easier to shop than girls do, because guys are harder to shop for.”

Lily Judge:

“For the most part, (I think men have it easier), but I think it depends on the girl. For plenty of girlfriends, it’s nearly impossible for the guy to ‘run out of gift ideas,’ because the majority of girls love jewelry, and there is an endless supply of beautiful jewelry for the guys to pick from. Not at all trying to discredit the fabulous shopping that guys do – I know there's a lot of thought put into it, but I think they just have more things to easily choose from.”

Lara Acedillo:

“I honestly don't know. Depends on the person. Some people just know exactly what they want and are very outward about it. Generally girls I think are easier to shop for.”

Ovidio Sanchez:

“I don't think anyone really has it easier. I think how much communication between partners and creativity there is matters more. I give her a lot of credit for coming up with the gifts she's give me, but I'm sure it wasn't easy to come up with these ideas.”

Mary Kendrick:

“Boy, I really don’t know. Because I sure have a hard time trying to find a gift for my husband too. He’s pretty hard to please. But if I had to pick, I’d say men probably got it harder, just on account of some of the lost sheep I seen come in here.”

My take:

My girlfriend always argues that men have three go-to things that women don’t: jewelry, flowers and chocolate. But for me, I think that women have it just a touch easier, because men just have no idea what they’re doing when it comes to picking out clothes and jewelry. It’s a struggle every time, whereas a woman probably has a better since of what her man looks good in that he does.

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