List of Service Organizations

by Danielle James


Listed below are just a few of the service clubs that can be found on campus. Visit OrgSync for more information.


  • Chapman Musicians Outreach Organization

    President- Laura Schildback

  • Chapman University Lions Club

    President- Alexis Morgan

  • Circle K International

    President- Nick D’Andrea

  • Colleges Against Cancer

    President- Alexis Morgan

  • Global Medical Brigades

    President- Megan Schrotenboer

  • Global Water Brigades

    President- Tracey Gunanto


Listed below are local organizations that Chapman partners with to provide service opportunities to Chapman Students. A complete list can be found through your OrgSync portal.


  • American Heart Association
  • Boys and Girls Club of Garden Grove
  • The Friendly Center
  • Libreria Martinez
  • OC Coastkeeper
  • OC Watershed Education Ambassador Program
  • Pretend City Children’s Museum
  • YMCA of Orange
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