The Interterm TV Pilot Program

by Danielle James


If you’re interested in a career in television, Chapman offers the Interterm TV Pilot program, which is a class that produces two television pilots over the month-long term. According to a post on Dodge College of Film and Media Arts’ blog, the pilots that get shot over Interterm are selected from a pool of thirty scripts written the spring before in a pilot writing class offered at Dodge.


Yael Egnal, a sophomore television writing and production major, participated in the program last year.


“The Interterm TV pilots are hands-down the closest ‘real world’ set experience offered as a class at Chapman,,” she said. “We shoot two thirty-minute television pilots written by current students. Each show is filmed over six full- schedule 12 hour work days, with breaks in between, of course.”


Want to know what to expect to learn from the program? Kyle Castellanet, a senior film production major with an emphasis in directing, said, “The biggest lesson I learned on the pilots was how to keep moving even when things seem to be falling apart. It was a challenge, for instance, to work with three separate camera teams doing different scenes and shots, yet still be an organized and effective leader. All it really comes down to is the ability to make a decision and stick with it, even if 40 people are standing around and questioning. But, that’s what makes this industry so much fun."


Check out this post from Dodge College of Film and Media Arts for more information.


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