6 Quick Startup Tips From SWAV’s Anthony Ferraro

by Lindsay McMillan

  1. “Every business (company) usually has a similar product and/or service, so it’s important to always focus on the things that separate you and make you different than others in the market. Focus on the technology, design, lifestyle, or resources that make you great, and surround yourself with the people who will work with you to succeed.”

  2. “Take risks, take chances. It’s something I’ve always been told and find myself succeeding when I do.”

  3. “Allocate resources. Find people in your network that are willing to share their time and connections with you. Your best resources may not always be your best friends. Don’t be afraid to venture out and put yourself in opportunities to meet other people who share your passion in the industry.”

  4. “Use age to your advantage. Work with college organizations and professors that are willing to help and advise you. Older professionals like to spend their time mentoring. Plus, it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re young.”

  5. “Know that you are going to fail, struggle and live with the uncertainty that things may not work. This is important to recognize because you can counter negativity of this kind with motivation to conquer the impossible. Many companies failed before tremendously over and over, but worked their way to being extremely successful. Understand that learning is a part of the process, but never make the same mistakes.”

  6. “Love what you do and great things will happen. Bottom line.”

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