A Natural Form of Adderall

by Lindsay McMillan

Many students are abusing Adderall because it acts as a stimulant and gives them the focus they need in order to write papers for hours and study for exams. However for some people, the side effects of misusing the substance can be too much to handle. In exploring natural substances that act similarly to Adderall, there is a nootropic called Doxiderol. Made of herbs and supplements that boost human cognitive abilities, nootropics are also considered the “smart drug.” They work to increase the brain’s supply of neurochemicals throughout the course of the day, but with natural ingredients. Made from herbs and plants, such as Bacopa and Vinpocetine, Doxiderol works to increase brain circulation, reduce stress, boost mood, and enhance alertness. As a study aide, it may serve a legal and safer option to students than Adderall.

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