How to Turn your Internship into a Job

by Alexandra Kaufman

So you landed the dream internship – congrats! You love everything you get to do when you come into the office, even the menial tasks like a coffee run. Because you’re THERE, it makes it all worth it.

With the real world just around the corner, you realize this company is totally somewhere you could see yourself working in the future. This thought terrifies and excites you simultaneously, because there is no guarantee in an internship position. The reality of how replaceable you can be sinks in, and you know just what you have to do.

  • BE irreplaceable. Have ideas that are incomparable, and show a work initiative like no one else. Show that you want to be there through all of your actions, someone will notice.

  • BE reliable. Being someone that others can count on is an essential quality that employers look for. Getting that project in before deadline and even showing up on time shows you are committed.

  • Finally, BE passionate. If this is something you love, it will be evident in every piece of work that you do for that company.

Tell someone (hopefully your boss) how much you enjoy working for the company and how much you’ve learned at your position.  Make sure to mention how you don’t have post-grad plans, too. These subtle hints will help point your boss in the right direction (of hiring you).

Now go out there and get that job.

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