Top 10 Restaurants Featured At Coachella

by Sarah Paciocco

When festivalgoers are paying anywhere from $375 to $1500 for a weekend pass, Coachella has the responsibility to deliver a great weekend. With the help of these ten outstanding SoCal restaurants, Coachella made their mark on guests’ palettes at this year’s festival.

1.     Crossroads Kitchen, Los Angeles, CA

2.     Night + Market, West Hollywood, CA

3.     Mohawk Bend, Los Angeles, CA

4.     Beer Belly, Los Angeles, CA

5.     Tony’s Darts Away, Burbank, CA

6.     Mexicali Taco & Co., Los Angeles, CA

7.     Stumptown Coffee, Los Angeles, CA

8.     Bon Puf Cotton Candy, Los Angeles, CA

9.     Clover Juice, Los Angeles, CA

10.  Las Casuelas Quinta, La Quinta, CA

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