Tips for moving home

by C. Alex Biersch

While moving home might be the most miserable idea you have ever had, here are some things to keep in mind when you make the big move back home.

1.     Leaving dishes in the sink for a week because you have a lot going on is not going to fly.

2.     The mountain of clothes and shoes in your room will never exist again.

3.     Living for free.

4.     Occasional hookups with your friend with benefits will be thing of the past, unless you want to have an awkward conversation with your parents. 

5.     Home-cooked meals. Enough said.

6.     After a night of binge drinking, your friends won’t be able to spend the night.

7.     Cuddling with your pets.

8.     No more spending countless money on groceries and utilities.

9.     Expect quality time with your parents; after four years out of the house, they want time with you.  

10.  Absolutely NO privacy. Whatsoever. 

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