Tips for Dealing With Reverse Culture Shock

by Jillian Fernandez


1.    Be prepared. Be aware that there will be an adjustment period upon your return home.


2.    Get some rest and relax. Being that there will most likely be a time difference between your location abroad and home, take some time to recover from jetlag. Being tired can make effects of reverse culture shock more evident.


3.    Keep busy. Try to discover new parts of your home country and appreciate the parts you already know.


4.    Share your experience.


5.    Connect and network. Look for those who relate to you or have a similar situation or are returning home from similar experiences.


6.    Accept that relationships may have changed.


7.    Keep in touch. Make sure to connect with friends you made abroad, however do not let it get in the way of reconnecting with your old life.


8.    Integrate aspects of your experience abroad into your daily life. For example, say you studied in England and would always snack on digestive biscuits and tea, take the time to find those snacks in your home country.


9.    Focus on positive changes.

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