Thoughts and opinions on Black Graduation

Story by Haley Schlatter

Chapman students share their opinions through an anonymous online survey.

Prompt: Should Chapman University have a Black Graduation? Why or why not?


“What is a Black Graduation ceremony?”

“Who cares? If people feel oppressed on this campus for whatever reason and want to do this to make themselves feel included then who are we to judge and tell them what they can and cannot do? It is their right to do whatever it takes to make them feel comfortable on campus, and those with privileges do not hold the right to tell those without privileges what they can and cannot do.”

“I think that all students are equal and having a separate graduation wouldn't unify the school.”

“It shows support for minoritized students and their allies. Chapman really isn't that diverse in regards to ethnicity, and I think it is a great way for all of these cultures to unite and celebrate their accomplishments at Chapman.”

“Seriously? Isn't segregation a thing of the past…”

“As long as it's inclusive to all, it's not hurting anyone.”

“Because people should be free to organize whatever kind of grad parties & celebrations they want!”

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