The traditional track

It may surprise undergraduate students that some of their classmates are significantly older. Students who come to Chapman right after high school might not relate to their peers who have attended multiple community colleges, worked full-time jobs or have served in the military. While they appreciate the knowledge contributed by such students, they have mixed reactions about graduating later in life.

Here is what some of them have to say:

“I think [being older] is an advantage athletically, but I think it’s a disadvantage academically.” – Nicky Wilks

“Since they’ve matured past life after college, they understand more about what they need out of a college education other than just that they need a degree.” – Nicole Santo

“I don’t think it’s weird or anything … I don’t think they’re easily distracted like younger students because they’re not here for the whole social college experience. They’re here to learn.” – Lauren Akahoshi

“I had an older person in a class who looked like a dad. I’m scared to ask his age because I think it’s a really awkward question.” – Florencia DiSarli

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