The Perks of Staying Close to Home

Story by Maggie Nadeau

Time and time again I have heard people say that going to college is all about getting away from home, experiencing new people in a new place, leaving the coop. But I went a different route; I went to a college that is close to home.

I grew up in Orange. I went to elementary school two blocks away from Chapman and my High School is a ten-minute drive from campus. I did not plan it to work out this way, it kind of just happened. In fact, I wasn’t even going to apply to Chapman because no part of me wanted to go here. To my surprise, at the last second I asked myself “Why not?” and took the plunge.

After being accepted and committing to Chapman, everyone would always ask me, “Don’t you want to go away? Why are you staying so close to home? Aren’t you going to hate being close to family?” At the time I was skeptical and would just tell them it’s solely for my major, Public Relations and Advertising. However, after being here for two years, I have a lot of reasons why I love going to school close to home.

Let me tell you what I would have missed if I had gone away for school. Just to name a few, I would not have been able to celebrate my sister’s engagement, my brother getting his first record deal, my grandparent’s last thanksgiving with us, planning my sister’s entire wedding, my dad’s amazing recovery, and the list could go on.

Choosing a school close to home has been more rewarding than I could have ever imagined. I was able to immerse myself into a new circle of friends, while still being able to enjoy the people who have always brought out the best in me, my family.

Throughout my time in college, my family has grown closer. We have laughed and cried harder than we ever have before, but for all the right reasons. We have strengthened our love and learned that whatever life may throw our way, there will be no obstacle we cannot overcome together.

I am exceptionally lucky to have such a close-knit family that is eager to live a life full of happiness and celebration.

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