The Best Pick-Up Lines

Story by Nicole Mormann

A pick-up line can make or break someone’s game. Got the right thing to say and you’re golden. Got the wrong thing though and it’s over before it starts. With a little extra help, you can learn the tricks of the tacky trade and get to smooth talking before your love interest sends you walking. Here are a couple of the best pick-up lines Chapman students came up with that made a good impression on them:

“If you were words on a page, you’d be FINE print.” – senior Emmy Gyori

“Is it hard being perfect? Because you seem to pull it off naturally.” – junior Ashley Probst

“Are those space pants you’re wearing? Because that ass is out of this world!” – freshman Jasmine Inostrosa-Estrada

“Are you Mormann? Because you are more man than a girl could ask for?” – sophomore Mark Luburic

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