The best GOD DAMN PB&J you will ever have

Story by Miles Furuichi

1. Toast two slices of bread of your choice. White, Whole Wheat, Rye, Pumpernickel, Squaw. It’s your sandwich, your choice.

2. After toasting the toast to a nice golden brown take either chunky or smooth peanut butter. Preferably smooth for a more whole sandwich. Make sure it’s organic too. The corn syrup peanut butter can suck it. Then use that peanut butter and spread it over one side of the toast.

3. Then take fruit preserve spread evenly over the other side of the toast. Using fruit preserve helps to bring the sweetness of the jelly while also giving a texture of the fruit itself.

4. Finally bring the sandwich together into a beautiful whole and slice in half diagonally. Enjoy!           

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