Solo Traveling Packing List

By Lilly Pandis

Here is a small of important things to pack when traveling alone in order to have a successful and enjoyable experience:  

  1. A translation book – extremely helpful if you are in a country with a foreign language.
  2. A good pair of headphones – because who travels without music or Netflix nowadays?
  3. A map – yes, an actual map. Don’t rely completely on technology.
  4. Snacks and water – especially crucial for long traveling days.
  5. Cash – you never know where the closest ATM might be.
  6. Gum – an essential especially on airplanes.
  7. Advil – you wouldn’t want a headache to ruin your day.
  8. A camera – so you can visually capture all the beautiful things you might come across.
  9. A journal – document your experience. This will be fun to read in a few years.
  10. A positive attitude – probably the most important!
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