Ready. Set. Grow up.




By Siya Rajan



There comes a time when everyone outgrows the monster under their bed as being the scariest thing in their life and replaces it with growing up.


Facing the real world, with real jobs and real bills to pay makes the monster under your bed not so scary anymore.


Nikita Gale Romanzov, a senior kinesiology major, has mixed feelings about graduating.


“Think about it, for 18 years of my life I have built  my main identity around being a student, and in 6 months that entire identity is going away,” said Romanzov.


“I am extremely excited to start working for what I am passionate about so in that regard I am extremely excited to get on out there. Plus, not having homework for a year will be pretty awesome,” she said.


Romanzov has a passion for yoga and healing, and wants to help stroke survivors through a yoga therapy treatment. She has received two certifications to teach power yoga and hot power fusion yoga, and currently teaches at CorePower Yoga, Mission Viejo.


“I want to eventually open up my own holistic health center after getting experience and financial support for a few years.  This center would approach illness and injury holistically, treating the body as a whole (mind, body, and spirit),” said Romanzov.


“Each patient would receive a personalized treatment plan including physical therapy, occupational therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, meditation, yoga therapy, nutritional guidance, and therapy to name some,” she said.


Romanzov is taking a year off to gain more experience in her field and prepare for graduate school.


“I am planning on teaching yoga, attaining a job/internship in the health field, taking a few remaining prerequisite courses at a community college, taking the GRE, and applying to graduate schools for a masters in Occupational Therapy,” said Romanzov.


“I worry constantly about how I am supposed to get from point A to point B. I am happy because I have very concrete goals to work to, but its terrifying to find the steps to get there. I am hoping that as I continue to clarify and center exactly what I want to do, the doors that need to be opened to get there will open.”


As graduation is slowly creeping up for the class of 2015, students have been interning, studying, working part-time jobs and trying to fit in extra curricular activities in their schedules, to fuel their future.


As soon as Matthew Martinez, a senior communication studies major, woke up, he received news of his job offer.


“I found out that I am going to be in Seattle for the next few years, working with Abbott Laboratories. I start in June,” said Martinez.


Martinez has been very headstrong in focusing on his future by using every job as a learning experience.


“I have been a campus representative for multiple companies such as Fraternity Collection, Show Your Spirit, and Red Bull. Then I interned at Abbott Laboratories in Columbus, Ohio over the summer,” said Martinez.


“I have also just been accepted into an entrepreneur camp called Do Cool Sh*t, and I will be traveling to New York in December. I will be learning how to be a successful entrepreneur. We’ll have a chance to make a mini TED Talk and also be able to network and mingle with like minded people who want to do the same thing.”


Martinez came into college wanting to be a doctor and going through Chapman for four years has made him realize where his passions truly lie.


“My strengths are in different places and this career route that I am pursuing is better geared toward what I have been working toward,” said Martinez. “My dream job is to be a successful entrepreneur and have enough capital to be a business angel to help other entrepreneurs thrive.”


Derrick Ly, a senior strategic and corporate communication major, has been keeping himself very busy this semester trying to work on his future.


“I have applied/am in the process of applying to multiple companies such as LinkedIn, Yelp and DreamWorks,” said Ly. “I have been doing many internships at these locations, facilitating my plans of finding a job.”


Ly is graduating this December and plans to find a job soon after.


“I am not worried about graduating, it feels so surreal. It all happened so fast. I am, however, worried about not finding a job. The job market out there is so competitive. I am finishing up a semester early, so hopefully I can figure out my life and have jobs in line by then,” said Ly.

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