Popular political science jobs

In today’s tough economy, it is as crucial as ever for students to complete their college education. Once they have degrees, they will be able to market themselves in the job market, according to Gordon Babst, associate professor of political science.

“There are opportunities for students with political science degrees even in a bad economy,” he said.

Many graduates of Chapman’s political science program go on to graduate school or law school, said Babst. Others have gone into journalism, become paralegals, or work at law firms or in municipal government.

Individuals with political science degrees can even have an edge in the job market, depending on the type of jobs they’re looking for, said Babst.

“If you want to go into journalism with emphasis on reporting on political affairs, yeah, you’d have an edge,” he said.

Babst added that jobs in public or community service or work in nonprofit organizations also attract people with political science degrees. He has also known students who have gone into foreign affairs or international business.

“There are some areas where a political science degree is as good or better as any other,” he said.

Before graduation, students should take advantage of the opportunities their university offers. If they do more than sit in class listening to lectures, they will be more successful in the real world, said Babst. Traveling abroad, taking travel courses and getting involved in student government are all good ways to enrich a college education, he said.

However, Babst acknowledged that any degree is better than none at all.

“Regardless of your major, a liberal arts education delivers,” he said. “That’s an argument for the major not being as important.”

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