Places to meditate on campus


  • The Prayer and Meditation Room – Located in the Fish Interfaith Center, the prayer and meditation room provides students with a silent place to meditate. The room is dimly lit, mainly illuminated by the sun shining through the stained glass window.. There are chairs, cushions, and mats spread throughout the room that provide a place to sit whether you choose to meditate or pray.
  • Musco Lawn – The lawn that graces the front side of the Musco Center for the arts provides a wide open space that allows students to spread themselves out and enjoy nature. Go in the morning to enjoy the sunrise as you meditate, or meditate in the middle of the day and bring your focus to the way the sun feels hitting your skin
  • Wallace All Faiths Chapel – As long as there are no services going on, the Wallace All Faiths Chapel, located in the Fish Interfaith Center, is a quiet place to sit and meditate. Students can sit on one of the chairs that are spread out throughout the chapel, close their eyes and begin meditation. For optimum comfort, bring a cushion to place on the wooden chairs.
  • Dee’s Garden of the SensesFilled with nature, and various pieces of art, Dee’s Garden of the Senses is a serene place for anyone to meditate. Listening to the sounds of the flowing water from the fountain with meditating can provide an anchor that keeps you focused on the present.



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