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“In the last four years on my block some of your fellow students, three times, entered homes in the middle of the night. They were intoxicated. They thought they were in another house. One walked into my neighbor’s bedroom, one was in a child’s bedroom of another house, and another fellow just went to sleep on the couch and spent the night there and scared the mom of the house to death when she went out to get the paper. So it is our responsibility to weigh those realities.”

  • Mayor Teresa Smith

“People don’t call the police on the fiestas that go on down the street, but my neighbors called the police when I took out my trash. I put our trash out at 10:00PM one night and my neighbors called and filed a noise complaint. The police came and I answered my door in my pajamas and they asked if I was throwing a party. I said no.”

  • Junior broadcast journalism major Ella Miller
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