Tired of being stuck inside, the Segovia family enjoys their time outdoors together during quarantine. From left to right: David Segovia, his sister, mother and father.

What if you just aren’t used to staying home? But COVID-19 lockdown gives you no choice?

David Segovia, a junior and a finance major at Chapman University, recalls his original reaction to the pandemic.

 “During the original quarantine I did nothing, I was scared of what COVID-19 could do to me and other people in my family,” Segovia said. 

But staying home quickly got old, and his family knew they had to stay active.

“My family and I began to go on daily walks to get outside,” he said. “I also began doing puzzles and reading on my own to help pass time, by July I had finished 10 puzzles.”  

Gabe Wulfsohn ’21 perfecting his gaming skills while social distancing at home.

Macy Bernstein, a junior creative producing major at Chapman, turned a casual hobby of photography into a passion as she and her family took road trips to local outdoor areas in Orange County. “We did a lot of driving to the beach and poppy fields for new backdrops for our photoshoots,” Bernstein said. 

Bernstein was studying abroad at the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. Being spontaneously sent home, she missed a lot of school. 

“I spent a lot of time catching up on everything I missed from being abroad,” she said. 

She felt trapped. 

Emily Adrig, one of Berstein’s favorite models, now spends her free time in front of her camera, perfecting her modeling skills during the pandemic.

“I did absolutely nothing. I did lots of laying around, and watching a lot of Netflix and Youtube,” she said. “Once we got more comfortable, we began getting out and doing our photoshoots.”

Gabe Wulfsohn, a senior business administration major, used the empty time to pursue his competitive gaming career.

Wulfsohn is a top 30 ranked player for the game “Age of Empires III” and used this time in quarantine to work on his rank as well as a Twitch stream, starting at the beginning of quarantine with five followers and jumping to one hundred and twenty. 

“Before COVID-19 I was an avid gamer, because of the quarantine I have had more free time to spend playing video games and working on my stream.” He said. “I used to average about three viewers per stream and now I average thirty, I am still very dedicated to both my world ranking and my novice stream.”

Emily Adrig, a junior at Cal State Fullerton, has found a nice way to spend pandemic time. She is one of Bernstein’s favorite models.

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