OCFC women speak about their favorite high school soccer memories

Lara Mukhar:

“In high school one of my favorite things to do with my team was secret sisters. We would grab a name out of a hat and we had to bring gifts for that teammate throughout the season and at the end of the season you had to guess who was giving to you all season.”

Hanna Gately:

In high school one time no one showed up for a game, so we played with 7 on the field. It was in Bakersfield, yet we won the game. That’s when I knew my team was gold.”

Tanaz Nourian:

“My high school team was amazing. I was not sure that the club team would be the same though. My high school team was so close. We were together every single day at practice, or just to hang out. It was a bond that I have never experienced before. On the chapman team I have bonded with many girls. We not only could have fun but also play soccer and focus when it was time. Similar to my high school team.”

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