Natural Remedies

By Negeen Amirieh

  1.  Elderberry: natural immune system booster

    1. Elderberry syrup
    2. Take a spoon of elderberry syrup every morning
    3. Couple drops of the elderberry extract to a glass of water or juice
    4. Elderberry tea
  2. Spoon of raw honey

    1. Eat it alone or in a hot beverage
  3. Vitamin C

    1. Drink lots of orange juice
    2. Eat fruits like strawberries and kiwis
    3. Vitamin C supplements
  4.  Zinc

    1. Natural substance that can shorten the duration of colds by preventing it to reproduce
  5. Garlic

    1. Take a garlic supplement
    2. Best taken raw, crush up a clove and find a way to eat it with another food
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