My Favorite Spots on Campus

Story by Liz Pennock

Looking for a quiet space to study or just relax but can’t get off campus? Check out some of my favorite places:

Digital Media Arts Center

The new DMAC building is a great place to get homework done or meet for group projects. With a long community table in the lobby and a variety of colorful chairs and couches in the back, the DMAC provides a lot of space for students to be productive and relax.

Holocaust Memorial Garden

Located next to the Global Citizens fountain, The Holocaust Memorial Garden is a beautiful space to relax and meditate. Away from the distractions of campus and surrounded by the sound of falling water, it’s a great place for students to reflect.

4th Floor of the Library during finals week

During finals week, the office of the Holocaust Museum on the fourth floor of the library opens its doors and provides study tables and a truly silent place to study. There’s little to no noise, and if you’re looking to stay focused, it’s the place to be.

AF Patio

The Patio on the 3rd floor of Argyros Forum is another quiet space to get work done or enjoy your lunch. It’s surrounded by lush greenery and has a view our campus, which makes it a prime location to appreciate Chapman on a sunny day.

Panther Digital Den

Also located on the 3rd floor of Arroyos Forum, the Digital Den provides a plethora of computers, as well as space to study and get homework done between classes. There’s even a study room hidden in the back that you can reserve for yourself or a group project meeting. As an added bonus, the computers have iPhone 4 & 5 chargers attached to them, as well as Android attachments.

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