The Memorial Library as a study space

If all the private cubicles are taken, or all the comfy chairs that are perfect for reading are occupied, there’s seemingly no point in studying. Sometimes it’s hard to find a good place to study in the library because all the good places are taken and you can’t focus anywhere else.

Don’t give up just yet – the library has a fourth floor too. You’re probably thinking, “That’s a museum.” Yes, but it is also the home to many research resources and cozy, quiet seating.

The Samueli Holocaust Memorial Library sees many Chapman students who often visit to study connect with the history. The memorial library, however, is also available just to sit and study in. You don’t have to have a purpose for going, just go.

“We want students to come and really feel like this is a great place to study,” said Marilyn Harran. Harran is the director of the memorial library and the Rogers Center for Holocaust Education, and she likes to see students using the space even if it is just to sit in the quiet.

Sometimes, especially leading up to finals week, there are plenty of students who frequent the area to study. If there’s plenty of work and limited space on the floors below, the fourth floor is the ideal study space.

“And then, maybe you want to take a break and get up and look at something,” added Harran. The space is not only useful for hard workers, but the easily distracted too.

I know when I get bored of my work, I usually just leave the library and nothing gets done. On the fourth floor, if you need a break, you can walk around and admire the culturally rich collections the memorial library hosts. That way you don’t leave and eventually get back around to doing what has to be done.

It is a little out of the way, but if your regular spot on the second floor is taken during finals week, you know where to look!


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