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Standing in Freedom Park, South Africa Abby McLachlan found herself surrounded by poverty and struggle. She couldn’t imagine living the life that these people live.

She came on this mission trip to build schools and help others, with the hope of finding a reason to pursue a life with God.

Welcomed by the impoverished community with open and loving arms, she found her reason.

“Seeing people who had nothing but still manage to find happiness because they had God in their hearts, made me thirst for that feeling.”

Photo By: Abby McLachlan Sophomore theater and public relations and advertising major, Abby McLachlan, advertising Salt's first conference.
Photo By: Abby McLachlan
Sophomore theater and public relations and advertising major, Abby McLachlan, advertising Salt’s first conference.

McLachlan, a sophomore theater studies and public relations and advertising major, left that mission trip with a newfound drive to help others, and a passion for God. That passion is what led her to Salt, a name which comes from a passage in the Bible that refers to believers as the “salt of the earth.”

McLachlan was approached in November by senior public relations and advertising major Krista Hengesh, about the idea of creating a ministry dedicated to women, to encourage and empower them to discover their God-given gifts, and change the world.

Immediately McLachlan accepted the invitation to be a part of the group’s development, taking on the position of communications manager. From then on, she was a ‘salty sister.’

Following her spiritual discovery, McLachlan came from San Jose, Calif., hoping to find a Christian community on campus. She dove into the Christian group, Delight, becoming a leader this past year, as well as other on campus activities, like the a cappella group, Soundcheck, and the sorority, Gamma Phi Beta.

But more recently, and what McLachlan states she is most proud of, is her work with Salt.

“Honestly, I had just come out of a relationship and was looking for something to fulfill me.”

She strongly believes in things coming to you at just the right time, and Salt was one of those things for her.

McLachlan, along with 10 other women stretching from Los Angeles to San Diego, went to work creating and building Salt.

Over a period of five months after the origination of the idea, the women went to work creating a website, their social media pages, and spreading the word about Salt.

In her position as communications manager, McLachlan has been in charge of outreach at campuses across Southern California. This means that she finds spokeswomen at other universities to spread the word about Salt, their message, and events, like conferences.

“The spokeswomen are called shakers. Get it? Like salt shakers.”

McLachlan’s passion for her position, and for Salt, shows as she discusses her love for connecting with other women and spreading the word of God.

“She loves on anyone she can get her hands on and will listen to anything you want to tell her,” said Kaylee Richards, sophomore dance and communication studies major, and Salt’s blog content manager and editor.

Richards describes McLachlan’s love for others, and how this has fed into her work fostering relationships with women on various campuses. She says that McLachlan’s hard work creating the outreach team has been a big part of the spreading message of Salt, and its success.  

“Being able to convey a passion for Salt and women knowing Jesus is vital, but she is able to be so passionate without being pushy, and it’s a beautiful thing to watch,” said Lydia Edwards, sophomore integrated educational studies major, and contributing member to Salt.

For McLachlan, keeping things honest, and not in-your-face, was crucial to her when she decided to take on her relationship with God, and her position in Salt.

“Women are downplayed in the church, and it really pisses me off.”

She wants people to recognize that religious women, and women in general, are real and they are powerful.

She does what she does with Salt for that exact reason.

“I want to encourage and empower women. That’s it.”

Salt held its first conference this past April, and with only a short time to prepare, McLachlan, along with the Salt team, successfully promoted the event, bringing in 300 women for a day of worship, panels, and conversation.

Wanting to expand, the duo feel the next step for Salt is a conference in Seattle, with hopes of Salt spreading around the country, and eventually turning into a career for her.


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