List of some of the best classes at Chapman

by Danielle Lorberbaum

PA 104: Bowling

DANC 130 or 230: Hip-Hop

LEAD 101: Introduction to Leadership: Principles & Practices

LEAD 314: Developing Effective Teams

LEAD 414: Leading as a Way of Serving

HUM 205: Introduction to Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual Studies

SOC 281: Sociology of Sex and Gender

TH 112: Acting Fundamentals

IES 103: Philosophy of Helping

ACTG 210: Introduction to Financial Accounting

ANTH 396: Indians of California

English 339-World Literature from 1900 to the present

REL 329: Health, Healing, and Wholeness

POSC 130: Introduction to Comparative Politics

FREN 353-Paris: Between Tradition and Modernity

SOC 326-Ancient Wisdom Modern Madness

FREN 340: Cuisine in French Literature and Film

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