It’s not a Joke: Teachers have Vacations Too

Story by Michael Lanoie

However, the following are actually some jokes about teachers.

Question: What do you get if you cross a math teacher with a crab?

Answer: Snappy answers.


Question: Where do math teachers go on vacation?

Answer: To Times Square.


Question: What is the difference between a school teacher and a train?

Answer: The teacher says spit your gum out and the train says ”chew chew chew”.


Question: What did the student say after the teacher said, ”Order students, order?”

Answer: ”Can I have fries and a burger?”


Question: Why was the music teacher not able to open his class room?

Answer: Because his keys were on the piano.


Question: What do you call an algebra teacher who takes his vacations at the beach?

Answer: A tangent.


Question: Why did the teacher go to the beach?

Answer: To test the water.


Question: What happened when the teacher tied all the kids shoe laces together?

Answer: They had a class trip!


Question: Why were the teacher’s eyes crossed?

Answer: She couldn’t control her pupils!

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