Interterm 2009 Travel Courses

During interterm students don’t have to take the typical communication class. Why not travel and fulfill course requirements at the same time? From the kangaroos in Australia to the top of Mt. Kilimanjaro, students are traveling world wide for course credit and culture. Here are the travel courses being offered this interterm:

Athletic Training Fieldwork: Australia (AT 398) Jan. 4 – Jan. 31

Professor: Dr. Kugler

Central American Responses to Globalization: Costa Rica (SOC 346) Jan. 4 – Jan. 20

Professor: Dr. Horton

London Theatre Tour (THEA 350) Jan. 6 – Jan. 24

Professor: Dr. Nehring and Pamela Ezell

15th and 16th Century Florence, Rome and Venice (ART 329) Jan. 4 – Jan. 28

Professor: Dr. Leopardi

Building Cross-Cultural Buisness Competencies: Brazil (BUS 686) Jan. 19 – Jan. 29

Professor: Dr. Murray

Expedition Documentary Film: Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania (FTV 416/616) Jan. 4 – Jan. 15

Professor: Jeff Swimmer and Michael Kowalski

Crucibles of Civilization: Athens, Vienna, and London (HUM 355) Jan 8 – Jan 22

Professor: Dr. Ter-Jung and Dr. Jankowski

A Walk Down Wallstreet: New York (FIN 400) Jan. 13 – Jan. 19

Professor: Dr. Broughton

Sundance Film Festival: Utah (FTV 361 or FTV 561) Jan. 17- Jan. 23

Professor: Dr. Shearer and Kevin Mardesich

Ancient Wisdom, Modern Madness – Mind, Self, & Society in Tibetan Buddhism: Colorado (SOC 326) Jan 15 – Jan 25

Professor: Dr. McGrane

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