Indoor Football

by Michael Ambrose

Indoor football has been a niche sport since the 1980s and many leagues have struggled to take hold.

The most famous indoor football league, the Arena League, was founded in 1987 and has had a rocky existence, including a cancelation of the 2009 season. The Arena League has enjoyed some success, including national television deals with ESPN, the NFL network and CBS Sports network. Unlike most indoor football leagues, the Arena League has a membership that spans the country, as most indoor football leagues are more regionally tied.

The Indoor Football League, of which DJ Brandel’s Texas Revolution is a member, currently has nine members, largely in the Midwest, with one team in Texas and one in Washington. The IFL has been around since its inaugural season in 2009, and has had 38 different teams play under its governance, with teams either folding, or joining other indoor football leagues.

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