How to Prevent Procrastination

Story by Michael Lanoie

Everyone procrastinates. There are those who procrastinate like a pro and get away with it. There are those who procrastinate and fail. The important things are damage control and prevention. If you can control how much you procrastinate or prevent it in anyway then you should be okay.

Here are some tips for giving yourself as much time as possible to complete your assignment:

  1. Make a schedule or list. It’s important to write things down. It’s also smart to have a list so that you can always move on to the next thing.
  2. Start early. Even if it’s a little bit at a time it’s better than nothing. That way every time you go back to work on it there is something to work with.
  3. Plan accordingly. If you know you have an essay do at the end of the weekend do not make plans to go do something big.
  4. Give yourself time. Never wait until Sunday night to finish an assignment. The bigger the assignment the more time you will need, that’s obvious.
  5. Remove distractions. We all do work on our laptop but it’s important to keep away from sites like Facebook and Instagram. It’s all a waste of time.
  6. Position yourself in the right place. Sitting in a room with a TV, snacks, roommates and other distractions it’s hard to get work done. Go to the library or study room where everyone else is working.
  7. Believe in yourself. Self-confidence is important. You know you can do it.   
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