At Home Coffee Options

by Chloe Bubion

According to a recent study showed the U.S. spends $40 billion on coffee each year.

For those looking for ways to cut costs, stretch your college budget, and not be a contributor to this statistic, making your favorite café coffee drink at home is a great option.  By brining your premade drink to your favorite coffee shop to study, you are saving yourself about $5 per trip.

Here are three easy and popular brewing methods and shortcuts to help save you money by making you own coffee at home, but still providing you a boost of caffeine.

1.Single-serving coffee makers

In almost every college house one can find a Keurig coffee machine. These

2.Instant coffee packets

Many popular coffee brands such as Starbuck and Nescafe have introduced individual coffee packets. Resembling small powdered lemonade packets you simply add to water, these instant coffees are perfect for those who are in a hurry. Between classes or during a quick study break, students can locate a cup of plain hot water and pour in an instant coffee packet. Just stir and add any desired sweetener. Packages of 25 individual packets range from $7- $15 depending on the brand.

3.Caffeine Pills

For those looking to cut back on the number of cups of coffee you drink in one day, a new popular alternative is caffeine pills.  Offering the same effects as a cup of coffee, a caffeine pill provides many with a more constant boost of energy compared to the rise-fall-then crash experience of drinking coffee.  Unlike a cup of coffee, which varies in the amount of caffeine depending on the type of coffee, caffeine pills offer specific amounts that are clearly defined on the label. A common dosage for caffeine pills is 200 milligrams.  Bottles of pills range from $10-$30 and contain about 50-60 capsules. Before purchasing caffeine pills, it is important to research brands and consult a medical professional to help you choose the best option. 

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