History and tradition

by Igor Bosilkovski

The designated place of worship in The Bahá'í Faith is called a Bahá'í House of Worship. There are only eight continental Houses of Worship around the world(the one in Turkmenistan was demolished), with a ninth one currently under construction. One of them is in the United States, in the village of Wilmette, Illinois.

The Church of Latter Day Saints was formally organized by Joseph Smith on April 6, 1830, in Western New York.

The history of the Church is typically divided into three broad time periods:

(1) the early history during the lifetime of Joseph Smith

(2) a pioneer era under the leadership of Brigham Young and his 19th-century successors; (3) a modern era beginning around the turn of the 20th century as Utah achieved statehood.

Jains believe there have been 24 historical figures, called Tirthankaras that taught Jain truths. Mahavira, who was the 24th and last Tirthankara  at the age of 30 renounced the world to seek spiritual truth in ascetic solitude and after almost thirteen years of meditation and penance found enlightenment. 

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