The History of Delight Prior to Chapman

by Chloe Bubion

Some may call it fate. Delight’s journey to the Chapman campus is just as unique as the group’s message.

While working on an assignment for a graphic design class, sophomore public relations and advertisement major and leadership minor Krista Hengesh, stumbled upon a picture on Pintrest that intrigued her. The “pin” was the word “Delight” with a few different color samples and patterns. Initially drawn to the logo based solely off the design, Hengesh acted upon her curiosity and clicked on the link. What she discovered next is how Delight began in Nashville, TN by two college women.

 The story begins with three best friends, Mackenzie Baker, Emily Weisband, and Mackenzie Wilson who met while attending Belmont University. After realizing their common depth of faith, the group of friends decided to start a small bible study for women on campus. After meeting at the Bell Tower on campus one Friday morning with twenty other women, the group decided to call themselves Delight.

According to the founding group’s website, “Delight was created as a platform for college women to not only share their stories but also as a place to allow God to write stories more beautiful than we could ever even fathom.”

From cooking dinner together, studying, serving their community, and encouraging each other to grow in their faith, within the first nine month of the group’s establishment, the group’s size grew to just under 100 members.

Establishing awareness of the group’s message through social media platforms and blogging, the original creators of Delight have gained so much interest that they now help women across the nation begin Delight at their own college campus.

Number two on the list of five schools who have chartered the group’s teachings and message, is Chapman University thanks to Krista Hengesh.

To learn more about Delight and the creators, visit the group’s website at

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