Hidden gems: Chapman’s secret study spots

As Abbie Berman sat on the second floor of the Leatherby Libraries, she re-read one line of her textbook again and again. With the clicking of students fingers on their keyboards, and even more students joyously stomping by after finishing their homework, Berman kept looking up, thwarted by the distractions of the library.

She decided to find a better way to do some work.

The Leatherby Libraries, with its private rooms and multiple levels of study spaces, is Chapman’s go-to study spots for most students. However, Berman, a sophomore sociology major, learned that even though it is the obvious choice, it may not be the best choice for many students like her.

On the third floor of Beckman, Berman can be found typing essays or reading history textbooks. The lack of foot-traffic in the area creates a serene environment that’s perfect for Berman’s study style.

“As a freshman, I used to study in the library all the time, but with everyone walking around, talking or eating, it was easy to get distracted,” said Berman. “Then I found a small space under the stairs next to the Beckman fourth floor with couches and small tables, and I knew it was perfect. I can study in peace without constantly looking up at the distractions going on around me.”

This area has multiple couches and outlets, with natural light that floods in through large windows. The only downside is the small tables, which provide little space to set up a study area.

Junior english major, Nika Darrin, enjoys having more table space to study, but also likes to be outside. She writes papers at the picnic tables outside of Doti Hall.

“The picnic tables are great, they have umbrellas so my laptop doesn’t have a glare, it is never crowded, and it even has a FedEx box near the tables. Downside, it smells a little like trash,” said Darrin.

Senior business major, Mason Thomas, prefers to study a little further away from campus, at the Digital Media Arts Center.

This new building has indoor and outdoor seating, as well as a small café. The indoor area features couches and large tables where students can work.

“I love the feel of this space, not only is it a comfortable study area, but it is also visually pleasing. The creativity of the space provides me with inspiration in my business ideas,” said Thomas. “I can get my work done here because the people around here are focused, and don’t cause disrespectful and loud noises.”

The library remains the typical area to do homework with friends, or pull an all-nighter during finals week for any college student, but is not always the most productive area. So, if you find yourself cringing at the sound of crunching chips or loud procrastinators, know that there are other options out there.

If you still are not satisfied with these options, there are many other places around campus and the Orange Plaza you can try out.

The second floor of Fowler School of Law, in the Hugh and Hazel Darling Law Library, is quiet and has more space that Leatherby Libraries. Starbucks in the Circle, is a great place to study if you prefer a more lively environment.

You can also find more study spots outside, Behind the Global Citizen’s Plaza, in front of the Musco Center for the Arts, there are benches that are out of the way of the walking traffic on campus.

The interior of the Digital Media Arts Center has several comfortable seating areas and provides a quiet place to study.
The interior of the Digital Media Arts Center has several comfortable seating areas and provides a quiet place to study.
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